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Commercial offer.

Water covers about 71% of Earth's surface. Water is all about, so it's probably the most important
fluid in the world. It is known that all known life forms require water (except some types of bacteria),
and life is believed to have occurred directly in the water. In order to maintain life, one person should
drink about 1-2 liters of water per day, not counting what he takes with food. People who suffer from
hunger require a lot more water. Lack of freshwater is the most serious problem encountered by
mankind. More than one billion people live in unsatisfactory sanitary conditions, where no high
quality drinking water is available. Low-quality water is the cause of many epidemics.
Our company, in co-operation with the water producer, "Kara avoti", offers special water in special,
ļspecial packaging.
What makes this water special? A number of Latvian folk songs story about a guy who has done an
outstanding feat and defeated the Devil's mother. But now the hero is looking for a place where you
wash the dirty skirts of the blood. Dear Mara recommend to do it in the place where the river flows
nine, that is, nine sources. Is there really a place in the world at all? Even the paradise is characterized
by only four rivers. However, the place described in the song exists, and each one of you can come
there, gain health and strength. This is Kevele, and this wonderful place can be found right here in
our country.
There are millions of sources in the world. Some thousands of them are particularly popular as
cheerful and healthy mineral springs. But without them, there is still a very small number of especially beneficial to health, which in the nation is called sacred waters. Only one source in Lourdes, France is known throughout Western Europe. But only in one of them, in Latvia, the number of sources or groups of sources could be around 70. But a group of Saints such as Kevele has only one world, because nothing is known to compare it.

Characteristics of sources. In a small glen, at least from the top of the evels Kambaru hill, Ķ powerful
sources that work both in the winter and in the summer are scattered from above. Waters come from
the underground, so the sources are called upstream. This source of water has an excellent healing
value. Narrow small motifs in the upper reaches, nine strong springs were scattered around 10m long.
They make up a stream. There are two more sources on the way to the next stream, so that together
we can talk about three-way sources. However, only the first nine sources are the most accessible and
only visited by people. Another legend says that Swedish King Karl XII, who was wounded and
caught in the battles, was healed by this spring. Since then, these sources are referred to as ''Karaļavoti
'' *

'' Karaļavoti '' is an glen with nine sources, the first seven of which are separated by a masonry wall, over which the root of the spruce of 15 cm has risen over the opposite side. It confirms the energy capacity of this site and points to the healing power of these sources. The inhabitants of the
''Karaļavoti'' water district have used healing in a wide and varied way since ancient times, both for the
cleaning of sick places, for the eyestrain, and for treating unsightly wounds. All visitors of the
''Karaļavoti', who have a natural talent to feel fine energy, are strongly convinced of the great energy of
this source and its surroundings. '' Karaļavotu '' water has been highly appreciated by the Latvian
Healers Association. '' Karaļavotu '' water energy directly and very strongly affects the human immune system by increasing its power. (* Karaļavoti - Royal Sources)
The company "Karaļavoti" was founded on September 9, 1999, which is the symbol of the trademark.
The company 'Karaļavoti' bottles bottled water and offers them for use both at work and at home.
Water quality is so high that it does not lose its properties even after many months.
As it develops, the company offers water in several special packages that are much more profitable
and practical than the usual 12.5 and 8-liter bottles that are stationary on a cooler or a fixed table. The
new packaging even is more convenient than 0.5; 1; 1.5 and 2 liter PET bottles, which are less
contaminated by nature, easier to collect, more convenient for versatile use.

Work in the office. Customer Service Centers. Medicine
When working in the office at the computer, people experience a high craving for water after cooling.
Crawling, every short a while, after the water cooling apparatus - a waste of time, as well as the
independent single cups problem. And if those cups have finished yet? In customer service centers,
such a problem is especially topical - there is a large bottle of water, but there is no one-piece cups.
Another problem is the accidentally overturned glass of water .... The damaged documents damaged
the computer keyboard ... Therefore, the company 'Karaļavoti' has developed a special 400g closed


Packaging: 400 gp plastic cup (possibly also other volumes), cured with special food polyethylene film.
For drinking, straws are used with which the protective film is punched. The water dropping out of
the container is practically non-existent (possibly a small amount of moisture at the point where the

drinking straw has crossed the protective film or from the straw itself. Easily stored in any refrigerator.

Sports, mass events, schools and any recreation.

Normally, people should use at least 2 liters of water each day. With active lifestyles or high
intellectual load, water consumption is increasing. In hot, sunny times, water consumption is
increasing. Carry water in PET bottles - cumbersome, because the volume of 0.5 liter is small, but
1.5L is already very high. The packaging inconvenient.

Package: 100 g food film pouch. Other volumes are possible, although experience has shown that the
volume given is optimal for one use. Use: with a drink straw, or by cutting (breaking off) the packaging corner. Easy to store in the refrigerator (takes up little space). After drinking water, a small, easily removable food film pouch remains, which does not take much space. Convenient for use in sports lessons for both drinking and refreshment. Convenient for use in mass events, because it takes up little space. Schools are easy to use because there is no need for disposable or other cup, it's hard to waste. Convenient for use in medicine for serious, sleeping patients as well as for the medical staff.

The use of these packages is very extensive, and the cases we describe are just a small part of the
options. We assume that such packages are acceptable both to the needs of the army and to disaster
prevention and humanitarian units. 

If you are interested in this offer, we will be glad to answer your questions.
If you do not have a question, you are on the right track and you are ready to place an order.

e-mail: ziedsparni@gmail.com
Skype: ziedsparni
If you would like to place an order, please send an LOI specifying:
1) the type of packaging
2) quantity
2) Buyer's data and contact details.

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